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Beachside Retreat


Laura Ridley

Fallbrook, California
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Ridley Interior Design

Beachside Retreat

Beachview, California 90000
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Beachside Retreat

It is amazing how being close to the beach can be therapeutic, relaxing, and invigorating. Hearing the waves rhythmically crashing, breathing the fresh clean air, and feeling the sand between your toes produces endorphins that calm the soul. That is why this family decided a weekend retreat within a short distance from their home would be ideal. However, they wanted the interior changed to suit their tastes, so they called their designer, Laura Ridley.

Blending some of the contemporary wood furnishings with a more cottage look presented a challenge for Laura. Color was used on the walls to give a feeling of being in an aquarium. The white washed kitchen and bathroom cabinetry faces were stained darker, plus new doors and hardware were installed to give a shaker or post-modern look. Indoor/Outdoor fabrics were used on the new upholstery to prevent fading. Motorized solar shades were installed to cut the glare yet still provide a view of the sun setting. An extra long multi-functional custom bunk bed with trundle, desk, and storage space was designed to fit in one of the odd shaped rooms. Another bedroom had the nighttime iridescent constellation painted onto the ceiling. This beachside retreat provides the family with all the amenities and escapism they need for a weekend!

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