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Classy Country Kitchen R


Laura Ridley

Fallbrook, California
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Ridley Interior Design

Classy Country Kitchen Remodel

Somewhere, California 90000
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Classy Country Kitchen R

Homeowners spend more time in the kitchen than any other location besides the bedroom. Upgrades to the kitchen can enhance the value of the home plus be a joy to the homeowner “chef”. Laura had worked with this client previously, and was called in for a “color consultation” for the kitchen cabinetry. The kitchen was 30 years old, some of the cabinetry was in need of repair, and Laura knew that new paint on the cabinetry would just be a temporary fix. It would not have the longevity, quality, and usefulness that the homeowner desired.

Therefore, new space plans were done to show the client how improvements could be accomplished for a better functioning and aesthetically pleasing kitchen. A bid packet was made and distributed by Ridley Interior Design, evaluated for comparisons, then presented to the homeowner. After the homeownwer committed to one of the contractors, Ridley Interior Design, continued following through with selections, purchases, project coordination and timing to assure all work was being completed according to plans, code, and timeframe while the homeowner was on vacation.

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